Friday, October 4, 2013

Tursting God

I sit writing this after a week of several meetings for the Presbyterian church and a week navigating the health care system with some family members…both political arenas that you need PhD’s in in order to successfully talk the right lingo and more importantly work that lingo for you to get what you need.  It shouldn’t be this hard.  And yet in the midst of all of this – God shined a light.
I am reminded of Lois’ testimony of how she can the chair saved from the fire re-caned before the 200 year celebration.  She had made a call to a library in hopes to find an antique dealer who had been to the church, only to be re-routed to someone else who could get it done. It was a chain of events that brought that chair to the 200 year celebration looking good.  And it is often these types of chains that when we are “stuck” in them we cannot see God clearly.  When we step back, however, we can see how God can work in round about ways in our lives.
I volunteered to go to Shortsville for a meeting for COM a month ago.  God knew that I would need to be there then so that I could be close to Canandaigua when my family needed me.  It is important in our lives to listen to that voice that sometimes calls us to do out of the ordinary things…like volunteer to go further out of our way…or call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time…whatever that voice is calling you to do, LISTEN!  You may never know the path that it leads you on and what wonder God has for you to discover.