Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fill up

I had a youth who looked forward to the mission trips he was able to take every summer because they “filled” him up.  Although Sunday mornings and some youth group events help to fill him spiritually he would slowly but surely feel his spiritual meter sink through the year and get recharged every summer.  I worried about him as he “left” youth group and went off to college as he wouldn’t have this time to be filled up anymore.  I hoped that he would find something else or some other way to fill him up…I don’t believe he has and he doesn’t attend church regularly. 
This sounds like a classic case and in fact I just read in a book a quote from an older church member saying that it is not only expected but anticipated that youth leave the church right after college and that’s ok because once they are settled they will come back – but you see that was the churches mistake…they are not coming back.   These youth – from Russ’ generation down, left during their college years and yet are remarkably missing now that they have settled down, had children and are comfortable in their lives. 
You see today what is missing for people – young and old is that spiritual fulfillment and for each it will come differently.  For some it may come in more physical forms and others more mission work. What is great about this is we have several different churches around the world because we get our spiritual fulfillment differently.  The big key is finding yours…
So this week and into next think about what fills you up…what keeps you going when the goings get rough? 
I can tell you that for me it is simple – meditation.  Just sitting in the silence and lifting everything up to God knowing that if I am still enough I will know God’s presence.  And for me, those moments fill me up for a crazy day…