Friday, September 20, 2013


Blog for 9/19 Huron
“I’m gonna get you a blind dog” Russ threatened for the hundredth time as I conned him once again into helping me move some furniture under the pretense of needing to clean only to within hours have furniture moving explode beyond the original boarders.   I know it is an idle threat he really isn’t going to adopt a blind dog just so I don’t move any more furniture around but he can and has refused to help move things again. 
I cannot help myself. I love to change my house around and until I finally “settle” on the right configuration.  This is whatever feels right and can mean that I change things around several times.  It is interesting that I love to change and even get driven to change my house around and yet when it comes to life, I am not fond of changes.  I like my life to be comfortable and stable.  Too much change and I start to get, well like a blind dog trying to navigate my house after one of my “rearranges.”
We have been in an ever changing flux for the last year, and within this a lot of change has been “unknown.”  We have had to do a lot of trusting of God and believing in the greatness of the Almighty. 
It is easy as a church to get so stuck in being one way that any change can feel like a blind dog in a new house.  It is also so easy for a church to get stuck in trying everything new that you overwhelm yourselves with too much change.  It is also easy that when we have so much change going on that we fail to put our trust in God.
Let us remember as our church is in flux and things are changing that our everlasting God is present.  This stable Holy presence can help guide us and with love we can learn to navigate whatever life throws our way.