This year we ccelebrate 200 years of ministry!
When people began to settle this area they soon had worship services. In July 1813, our church was organized by the Presbytery as the first church in the present townships of Wolcott, Butler, Rose, and Huron. Membership grew with members scattered over a wide area. In 1827 the Presbytery divided the congregation into two churches, the larger was Huron and the smaller was in the village of Wolcott.
In 1835 the first house of worship was built and dedicated on the present site. An overheated furnace caused the original church building to burn down in late 1936. Thanks to the many members who pitched in to work and raise money, the present church structure was dedicated one year later.
Among the numerous pastors who served the Huron Church were many student pastors from Auburn Seminary. A new approach for pasotral care began in 1962 with the beginning of a yoked parish that continues today.
We believe our church is unique. It was the first church in the area and it is the only remaining church in the Town of Huron. It is known as a friendly, country church.