Sunday, October 13, 2013

God's Lessons in Life

God’s lessons in life
The statement that life is a lesson and we learn something new every day is so very true.  Case and point: Barbie and A Mermaid Tale 2.  Livia’s current favorite movie.  We have watched it every day for weeks and I have seen it to the point that I can easily quote it (i.e. “Sardines and Jelly!”) However, no matter how many hundreds of times I think I have seen this movie, just the other day I saw a part I hadn’t seen before – there are mermaid children in a scene which lasts for easily a few minutes.  Shocked I asked Russ about this scene and he agreed, he didn’t remember seeing it.  After being made aware, sure enough he saw it the next time Livia asked for that movie.  
No matter how many times we have read a passage in the Bible, no matter how many times we have prayed to God, no matter how many times we have driven the same route home – we need to be open for a new opportunity or a new sight. We need to be open the God that is around us, in all that we do!

Think about this in the upcoming week, are we being present in all that we are doing asking God for God’s revelation?