Monday, January 27, 2014

fishers of people

Jesus often refers to his disciples as “fishers” of people.  He gives this illusion and charge for us to be fishers.  This week reflecting on this I couldn’t help but think of the different ways in which we can be fisherman. (or fisherwomen).   There is the fishing with rods, in which you pick your bait, put it on a hook and sit waiting for the fish to come.  This style of fishing is very passive and in fact does not take a lot of work.  This style of fishing is also pretty slow.  The fishing that happens in the Bible is a much more aggressive form.  Instead of just sitting around waiting for one fish to arrive, fishermen put nets into the water and as they scoop around they sweep up bunches of fish at a time.  This form of fishing isn’t choose but instead all types of fish are up for grabs.  And this is the style of fishers we all need to be!  Not passive, certainly not choose and we don’t need any lame bait because the Good News of Jesus is pretty much all we need. 
We are called not to judge because everyone is worthy of God’s love.  We are called to proclaim Jesus to all we meet not just a few because we are not called to evangelize to only one at a time but instead to everyone we meet.  So this week ponder what type of Fisher are you?  And what type is God calling us to be? And how to we move between?