Friday, February 7, 2014


Sometimes God works in amazing ways - especially in large groups.  God recently moved a group of Presbyterians representing 7 churches across 104 to come together and sponsor a YOUTH mission Day.

We are calling this "Reach on the Ridge" and we are working together to help brighten up peoples home by providing a fresh coat of paint.  We are coming together at the Sodus church at 8:30 for some "get-to-know" you activities and of course a moment to praise God.   Then we are off for the day with lunch (thanks) and we will be the hands and feet of God working in the world.  At days end we will regroup at the Sodus church for dinner (thanks again) and worship together before heading home. 

It should not only be a lot of fun but a great way for our youth to come together and an amazing way for our churches to come together for ministry.  This is our Church (universal) BEING and DOING in the world.

We can help support this WONDERFUL cause by encouraging our youth to participate.  We can help support this by offering ourselves up as an adult volunteer that day and of course we can donate to this cause through our own congregation. 

On this site you can find the release form for anyone interested!  Thanks!