Thursday, January 23, 2014

annual meeting

Annual meetings
Yup it is that time of year again, the time of year when the committee chairs are rushing to get their reports in and the Clerk of Session is rolling in paperwork – Annual Meeting time.
It is really important that we hold this meeting once a year.  In part we do it because we are Presbyterian and it is called for in our Book of Order but more importantly we do it to increase communication and to give ourselves a record of the year.  This is important for our future church members as well as a nice reminder to ourselves of our year. 
I was recently reminded that because bad memories are usually associated with higher energy and/or stress we usually have more adrenalin pumping which is a key factor in helping us remember.  In fact, we remember more bad then good because of our bodies physiology.  And thus, it is essential that we take time each year and reflect; stopping and thinking of all the things that came our way and how they inform our future.  We have had a very successful year celebrating 200 years of church history.  Each year at our annual meeting we conclude with the positive or joys of the year.  Such an important reminder that we have much to celebrate. 
This year we are holding our Annual Meeting in the afternoon after a potluck lunch.  Come out and support us and celebrate in our year. One of the exciting things you will see is the new picture directory.