Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Potter's Wheel

**this was sent out via email last week.  Sorry for the internet troubles last week**

This week passage from Jeremiah is the wonderful illustration as God as the potter working the clay on the wheel.  And my thought of the week is about how God is working in and through our lives.  You see many artists look at their materials and know what will come.  For instances a sculptor may know that wood or the stone will be a statue of a bird, before it begins to take shape; many sculptor’s will tell you that the material “speaks” to them as to what it will become.   God knows what we are going to become, God knows before we are formed and before we are in our mother’s womb God knows us.  Scripture tells us this and yet like the potter who may know that the block of clay will become a vase – God still plays a role in our lives. 
God’s role can be large or small.  God can intervene and try to change our shape but ultimately God like the potter is the artist.  You see even if that block of clay can become the vase – it only has the potential until it gets on the wheel and if no one is there to shape it the best that will happen is it may become an interesting look ash tray. 
Like the potter, and any good artist, God wants the best outcome for her creation.  He doesn’t want the ash tray but the beautiful and functional vase.   There, God doesn’t want to have to take stern actions to correct us but instead through ever loving presence we are formed seamlessly. 
Let us work today, on allowing the wheel of God’s will to spin us into our potential.  Let us take steps to follow God’s lead knowing the our Creator is working hard to let our wondrous self shine.  God isn’t looking for a bunch of perfectly shaped and molded vases, God is looking for each of us to be formed, uniquely and with our blemishes but strong in faith and mighty in our love.