Thursday, June 20, 2013


I really like the Parables in our Bible.  They are an amazing example of how we can leave like Jesus.  They are simple ways to bring Jesus into our lives and to share Jesus with others. 

I was recently praying over the parables and the one about the Wheat and Weeds was sticking out.  You see, the workers came to the farm owner and asked if they should pull the weeds that had been planted in amongst the wheat.  The farm owner said no because they could uproot the wheat along with the weeds and have no crop.  He told them later when they crop was harvested they would separate the weeds and wheat.

That is a good lesson for us.  As we live our lives we are not the judges of others (wheat or weeds) but instead we are to care for all in order to allow all to live. A good message.