Thursday, June 6, 2013

God is CALLING you...

One of the most powerful lessons I think we can take from the Bible is the lesson of God's call.  That's right - God calling us into action. 

The striking thing is that God does have an MO for calling people and Jesus modeled this as he called his disciples.  The Lord meets us where we are at and asks us each in our own way.

Some are called young, some are called several times, some only need to here the word come, others need proof, others need a hand to hold and still others avoid God's call.  And yet the Bible is full of calls...

What then is God calling you to do?  Finding out and following that will bring you a great amount of peace.  Following God's call doesn't mean just going into ministry or giving to a mission, God can be calling you to many different things - parenthood, teaching, ect... whatever gives you fulfillment.

Let's all try to live lives in which we are following God's call for us.