Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let Us Unite

As the weather decided to bring a holiday storm, I decided to take the train to see my mom instead of driving.  The train from Penn Station (NYC) to FL was around 18 hours and luckily for me and the kids most of those hours were spent sleeping.  During our wait in Penn for our train, L kept on proclaiming that: “it looks like Christmas” and “I’m going to my grandmas for Christmas.”  As I tried to explain over and over that it was Thanksgiving and we were going there for Thanksgiving I could not convince her otherwise because “it looks like Christmas.”  She got it when we got into my mom’s house and it certainly wasn’t decorated for Christmas.  On Saturday we went into a Home Depot with my mom and L said “WOW there is a lot of Christmas in here!”
We are surrounded with Christmas and it seems like earlier and earlier each year.  This advent began by lighting the candle that represents unity.  The unity that Christ being the Prince of Peace and a Barrier Breaker brings to the world. 
As I watch Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies this season, there is one theme that is pretty common throughout the plots – unity.  Often in these movies people are reunited as a Christmas miracle or perhaps people break down their walls that they keep as barriers to the world and finally find love.  Either way, during the Christmas season, we set our hearts up to be open to the miracles that God brings and more importantly we open ourselves up to the true gift that is a Christ child. 
Let us this week reflect on the UNITY that Christ wants to bring to our lives and allow the Prince of Peace to break down the barriers that we as humans build and insist on.
Let us unite in this goal.