Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wastefulness vs. Acceptance

This past Sunday I preached on the prodigal son and discussed the concept that we are all wasteful and that we all waste the love that God has given us in some ways - so I challenged you to think about when we squander God's love or perhaps God's forgiveness.

I was thinking about the wastefulness this week as I once again emptied my fridge of leftovers.  Each night with good intentions I put the leftovers from dinner in the fridge, at the time believing that someone will eat them tomorrow.  But at the end of the week on garbage night, I usually end up tossing more leftovers then what was eat.  I feel very wasteful -

I can't help but think how do we also waste God's love like we waste our leftover food.  We have good intentions to pray - good intention to communion with God - intentions to go to church or to invite someone to visit our and yet at the end of the day, we don't.  We go to bed tired, we don't extend he invite and we fail at accepting God's grace.

So where are you wasteful?