Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jesus Died For Your Sins - so what?

In an age when intelligent revolution has solved many of the mysteries of the world, it seems uneducated, silly or even stupid to believe in a man who was resurrected?  Doesn't the very idea of coming back from the dead seem implausible?  Is it this very concern of fearing the judgment of stupidity that has left us unable to speak about our faith with others - the birth of the ideal that Faith is private?  Surely the idea of a man coming back from the dead is something that needs a lot of faith to believe in and isn't for the faint of heart.  The whole, fully divine and fully human notion of Christ seems also a far stretch from the realities of what we know about humanity.

So why believe?  Why is it important for us to spread the Good News (the Gospel of Christ)?  Why is it relevant today? Why celebrate Easter Sunday?

Because Jesus' resurrection was more than just about the forgiveness of sins or the fact that we were all made worthy of God's love (although those are pretty BIG!), the resurrection is about the new and wondrous relationship that was created with God through the revealing of the Trinity.  It was about the new way in which God was about to interact with humanity.  It was about Jesus not just being a earthy king but through his fulfillment of scripture and resurrection, offering the hope of the Kingdom to God to those living on the Earthy kingdom - bringing the Kingdom of God to the Kingdom of Earth.

Jesus brings hope that the few seconds that we live here on earth does get lost in the grandness of the university.   Jesus' resurrection is relevant today, because as Christians we should be spreading and bringing Christ out into the world.  Because Jesus' rose, because the Trinity was revealed to the world, we are able to bring Christ into the world.  We are able to do more then teach people about Christ, we are able to experience Christ ourselves and share that with others.

Easter Sunday is the time of year in which we remember this commission.  That we remember that God fulfilled his end of the covenant.  From Adam and Eve, to Noah, to Moses, To Solomon and the prophets, Jesus was the fulfillment of the promises God made to his people.  If there was no resurrection, if Jesus had just dead on that cross and been buried, would we have a Christian church today?  Probably not, it was in the resurrection, the revealing of the Holy Spirit and giving it to humanity, it was the whole story of Jesus that made him our Savior.   Without Easter morning, there would be no Christian faith.  And YET it is Easter morning that we have the most trouble sharing.

The argument of when Jesus' became divine doesn't need to be a part of this - because either way Jesus' resurrection changes things.  It gave new meaning to our lives here on Earth because of the promises of the life to come.  It gave new definition to our Spiritual life through the revealing of the Trinity and the gift of the Holy Spirit.  It gave new life to our relationship with God, by making everyone worthy of forgiveness.

Is Jesus' death still important to our lives today?   YUP because without his resurrection, our Spiritual relationship with the divine wouldn't be what it is today.  We wouldn't have the understanding of worthiness of all people.  What is truly sad about our lives today is that we care more about the judgment of others and the feeling of belonging in this world then we care about God's judgment.  We care more about our relationships in the here and now instead of creating a strong relationship with God.  We care more about the material then we care about our Spiritual heath which is leaving us Spiritually lacking.  Easter morning is more important now, then ever before.  We do enough in society that puts Jesus up on that cross, we have enough sin to raise Jesus' on the cross plenty of times over - but do we have enough faith - enough love of God - to believe?  To raise Christ up in our own lives and live for and into the resurrection?  This Easter, let us spread the Good News that Jesus Christ has risen!  That our Spiritual lives are forever changed and we welcome the coming of the kingdom of God.