Sunday, January 8, 2017

Newsletter for January

Hello Church!  It is Marjory writing this month’s pastor’s message in the newsletter.

In November, I asked some of you, mostly through email, to fill out a survey for a class project. First, to all of those who took it, thank you!  I was actually surprised with the number of responses.  Second, to all the session elders who took an expanded survey, thank you!  

The survey was on our church’s response to a death in our community.  Russ has told me after his own doctoral work how he always comes away with pride for what a great church Huron truly is; and I echo this. For a small church, Huron really pulls their own weight.  The survey only confirmed what I thought about the church’s response after a death.  We pull together, offering more than just a funeral but a reception and support.  We support each other through prayers, phone calls, cards, flowers and love.  It was nice to see you all call the church compassionate.  It was always wonderful to hear the pride you all have for your own church in your hearts come through the survey.  

The survey had one surprise to me.  No matter how much volunteer work people said that they did for the church, no one seems to think they do enough.  Perhaps this is what keeps Huron going strong; the thought that we must always do more.  When people get happy or comfortable in what they are doing or in who they are, they get stuck in ruts.  So can the church.  Yet throughout its history Huron has continued forward.  You have never been a large church.  In fact, you have, in many ways, remained the same size throughout your history. Because of the physical building, you really cannot get that big as a church anyway.  These are realities that don’t limit you from striving to be the best and that are truly what makes the Spirit of Huron a church worth being proud of.