Thursday, September 15, 2016

Move over pumpkin spice, it is still apple season!

I recently saw a post on FB that said something along the line of "apple, the original pumpkin spice."  It was suppose to be a knock on the latest trend of people searching out pumpkin spice, even the gas stations are now offering pumpkin spice coffee.

But let's face it we live in the heart of apple county.  My children teeth on apples and at this year's NY State Fair our youngest fell asleep in his stroller with an apple in his hand!  Nothing, not even pumpkin pie, beats a good apple pie and the smell of apples are what truly bring me into my fall season.  Others can have their pumpkin spice but I prefer to stop and smell the apples.

We often call summer our "busy" time but when fall begins and school starts and Sunday school starts and everything else starts I look back at what I thought was a "busy" summer and think - wow I had so much time to relax!  Life is truly busy.  No matter what time of year we are busy people living in a world that brings with it stress and worries. 

Some people choose to live into the world and forget about the fact that God doesn't sit on a pretty chair just relaxing but instead can and does do for us.  When we remember to not live of this world but live in this world a disciple of Christ our lives do get better.  When we remember to take a look at what God has done for us, we live lives that much more grateful.  When we have a relationship with the Divine, the busy doesn't seem so overwhelming. 

Yet the temptation to forget about God is all around us.  The temptation to give into this world sits in front of us.  I encourage you this season to stop and remember God.  To give God a nod or two and lift up your relationship - knowing and being assured that through this relationship you are able to find hope, love, courage, joy and most importantly grace.  Trusting in God gives us opportunities we didn't know existed.  Live into the Kingdom this fall and find the grace that abounds through our lives!