Sunday, April 3, 2016

and just like that....

And just like that... all changes!

I can't imagine the emotional roller coaster Jesus' disciples have been on. Jesus death, the fear of their own lives and then Jesus' resurrection and commission to go out and spread the news.  Wow!

This truly proves that in an instant life can change and it is in this instants of change that we need to turn to God for strength.

No matter how much we prepare, we are never prepared for those moments.  Jesus prepared  his disciples for his death.  He spoke about how he must die and yet when it happened they didn't know what to do.  No matter how plainly he said it, when it happened they acted just as anyone of us would have - not sure what to do next.  We see this in all the Gospels - weather they don't believe the woman, the woman are afraid to tell people about the empty tomb, Jesus finds his disciples in a locked room or it takes weeks for them to begin spreading the Word.  The disciples just didn't know how to respond to the death and resurrection of Christ.

In an instant their life changed.  They went from following Christ, to fearing their life, to watching him die, to learning he rose.   Our life can often change.  We spend much of our life living ordinary lives and living into routines and when that is challenged or changed we often find ourselves in the same state of lost.  But we are called to look upon our faith. We are called to look to our God for strength and we are reminded of the grace of Christ.

Look to God this day for strength.  Look to God in prayer and allow the grace of God to give you hope and light in all situations.

Life might be full of uncertainty but if you keep your faith and place God as your center then you don't need a life full of certainty for you have a God that anchors you, encourages you and most of all fills you with hope!  Let that shine in your hearts today!