Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Falling to Fall

Weather we like to admit it or not the weather is taking a turn to the cold.  We are quickly approaching winter.  We had an amazing summer.  We had a fun and fruitful Strawberry Festival.  We had great confirmation class / new member class which ended with the welcoming of 4 new members plus a baptism at the lake and we still have 2 members to welcome later this month!  That is an increase in 5% of our congregation!  Amazing growth considering yesterday the Presbytery reported that as a whole the Presbytery is down over 300 members. 

Anchor the Way our Monday Night Worship is beginning to wind down October 13 will be the last Monday Night Worship for the Season.  We hope to pull together a few fun Monday Nights throughout the winter months as we did last year.

We had two successful rummage / boutique sales and the men will once again be holding the men's breakfast - which did amazing last year. 

The Presbyterian Churches on the Ridge will be coming together again to support a youth mission day!  Let's send our youth out into this world to BE THE Church! 

As our days grow shorter, don't forget to begin each week at 9:15 at Huron.