Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Holy Week

Each month we celebrate together the Last Supper, remembering and symbolizing a heavy amount of theological belief.  A lot is wrapped up in this meaningful sacrament.  In fact, this is truly a feast that shaped our Christian life.  As we walk through Holy Week this week, we remember the actual events that lead up to a Resurrection that changed the world and still today changes our lives. 

At the "last supper"  Jesus and his disciples were sharing in a passover feast.  During this feast we have an image that thanks to Renaissance artist we easily recognized today.  This image is one of the most famous of Christian artwork - Michelangelo's Last Supper.  And in the Bible we  have an interesting image here:

We have the disciples and Jesus eating dinner together, something I am sure they did a lot of.  But at this supper Jesus is preparing them for his death.  He is pointing out that someone will betray him, someone will deny him and yet during this one disciples in reclined on Jesus.

In our own lives, when things get tough and when we are in our own darkness of holy week, humans react differently, some will betray their beliefs - leaving their faith.  Some will deny God's blessing in their lives and will not get passed their own problems to see that God is working in their lives.  And others, inclined to God, leaning on their faith to see them through.

Right here, we have this image that seems strange, someone reclining on Jesus.  And yet in this intimate moment, we see the truth to imitate.  So this Holy Week, let us all work on leaning on and towards our God.  That fully taking to heart that "with Christ, all things are possible" believing with our full selves that Jesus has prepared us for life without him.  He taught, prepared and showed the disciples just what to do.  Jesus wants a relationship in which we lean on him, allowing God to carry some of our burdens.  Not a relationship in which when times get tough we abandon our faith.

Hopefully this Lent you spent time developing and working towards a stronger then ever relationship with God.  A relationship that brings you through Holy Week, leaning on Christ, knowing that through everything in life we are stronger and better because of our Savior.  Let's pray that the Judas and the Peter in us is over powered by the love we have for Christ and the relationship built on that in which we have strengthened this Lent.