Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the church of the ages

The first followers of Jesus probably couldn't fathom what has become of this "Jesus movement" - they were not prepared for this to be something different from what they knew (the Jewish faith); they were not prepared for life to continue 2000+ years, for they assumed they would see Jesus' second coming within their lifetime.  They could not have predicted what has come from the faith that came out of a single man with some pretty new ideals.  No one knew it would turn into a large collection of churches with theology and ideals that are so complicated that most "church goers" cannot see the difference. 

And Yet here we are.

When the pioneers of what became the Huron church came together, they probably were not concerned with what the church would look like in 200 years, or even if there would be one.  There concern was in the here and now - worshiping God. 

And Yet here we are.

As the church statistics look grim and as our finances continue to be shaky there is always the question as to what will happen to our future.  We cannot predict what our church is going to look like or even what our ministry is going to be in the future, but we do know one thing...I'm sure it will be here!  If history has told us one thing that is that churches - God's church - continues to survive despite the ages.  

Let us rejoice this week in our past.  Let us honor our present with all the wonders that are around us and let us hope in the future that we may not be able to predict but know is good.