Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Christ Has Risen Let Us Raise Our Praise

In the Psalm reading this week (118) we find the verse (14) "The LORD is my strength and my might; he has become my salvation."

Russ preached this Easter Sunday about the "miracle" pill - the one quick fix we try to find to stop the aging process in the here and now, despite the sometimes amusing but always scary side effects.  Some of these products include dangers like permanent eye discoloration, heart problems and sudden death.  However, my favorite is a drug for men to regrow hair that can cause lactation - yes lactation.  And all of this we are willing to suffer not for life threatening disease or because of physical suffering but for beauty and aging.  Russ reminded us that this focus on the eternal or in the fountain of youth is the wrong approach for the only miracle "pill" is Christ.  For Jesus' resurrection is the miracle that brought with it eternal life - life in the here after.  And what is this "pill" that Jesus' is offering?  A way of life - salvation and a prescription to live.  Success in following this prescription is the award in life eternal with our savoir.  Success in following this prescription has side effects - according to the Bible the fruits of the vine are the side effects.  Russ reminded us this could also include hope, peace, joy and yes even love!  Who wouldn't want to follow that? 

In the psalm reading the 14th verse always stand out to me for it is the core of our belief - Jesus has become our salvation!  Should we proclaim and take hold of this "pill" we can begin our journey to eternal life and more importantly to spreading the fruits of the vine to all!  What an amazing thing we are a part of?!

Christ has risen!  Not just last Sunday but everyday!  Christ has risen! Bringing us a path to eternal life and a prescription for a better life now without horrible side effects!  Let us continue on this path of righteousness, bringing honor our Lord and praising the one who offers us salvation!